‎Our Daily Bread

In addition to attending online church services, I have found this app to continuously provide strong Biblical inspirations. I’ve been a fan of Our Daily Bread devotions for over 20 years. Sadly, at times, this app has been the only reference to scripture in my day. Thank you so much for all the changes and improvements you’ve made. I enjoy using this app to ground my daily perspective. Most mornings, I enjoy listening and reading along with the anointed narrators the inspiration for the day. I’m trying to make Bible study a daily habit, so the “daily streak” tracker is helpful. The comment section now has a font I can comfortably read. Reading those comments and the devotional scripture help to unify and encourage us Christians. During these restrictive times, CV19 practices or demanding difficulties of life, this tool serves as a reminder that our Everlasting God is with us. His authority and principles never change.

I do not doubt the prayers and energy that goes into creating this app. We pray with you that godly inspiration flows and remains untainted in the years to come.

We appreciate your continued feedback and encouragement, Trohn!


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