Month: November 2021

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BabyCakes Cupcakes is not your typical bakery and for that, we are very proud. All of our cupcakes and doggie treats are made fresh daily; we never freeze and NOTHING ever comes from a pre-mix or box. Our cupcakes, doggie cakes, icing and cocktail cakes are all made from scratch everyday in our shoppe, ensuring …

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Panera Bread – Charleston, WV

“As so many of us adjust our daily routines, we at Panera want you to know that we’re ready to serve you right where you need us, with good food that tastes good and feels good, too. We’re focused on serving you safely in our drive-thru, and through Drive-Up and contactles…” Source

Signes Heaven Bound Bakery and Cafe

© (c) Signes Bakery Cafe/All rights Reserved.Address: 93 Arrow Road, Hilton Head, SC 29928 Telephone: 843.785.9118.Order by email: or by phone Our 2021 Holiday Hours Christmas Open until Noon, Dec. 24.Closed Dec 25 Re-open Mon Dec 27 Regular Hours Hours: M-F 8am-4pm, Saturday 8am-6pmClosed Sundays Source

Ice Cream Cone Cakes

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Whole grain? Whole wheat? What’s the healthiest bread?

Breads labelled ‘100 per cent whole grain’ contain only whole grain flours.Thomas Perkins/Getty Images/iStockphoto No doubt you already know that whole grain bread is nutritionally-superior to white bread. It has more fibre, protein, vitamin E, vitamin B6, magnesium and potassium. But the task of choosing between whole wheat, whole grain or pumpernickel, for example, isn’t …

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Empire Cake

Empire Cake Tweets by @EmpireCakeNYC Source