Amazing Recipes You Can Easily Make With Your Bread Machine

When it comes to baking bread at home from scratch, things can get tricky. Thankfully, that’s where the amazing bread machine comes in! This handy kitchen appliance can make baking homemade bread a breeze by doing all the mixing, kneading, rising (and even baking!) with the push of a button. Whether you’re a beginner or a pro baker, using the bread machine truly couldn’t be easier, faster, or more convenient: Just add the ingredients of your bread machine recipe, wait for it to bake, and voila! Of course, if you’d rather go fancier than a simple loaf, you can also just use the dough setting of your bread machine to mix, knead, and rise the dough — then shape it by hand to bake it in your conventional oven.

One thing to remember is that all bread machines are different, so you should make sure to follow the instruction manual that came with your specific bread machine for safe and proper usage. But once you’ve figured out how to use your handy appliance, you’ll find that there’s a whole world of delicious and easy bread machine recipes out there — from simple white and whole wheat bread for your sandwiches to the best sourdough, dinner rolls, and even desserts such as donuts and banana bread! Whether you’re going for simple and healthy or fancy and scrumptious, here are 25 best bread machine recipes for you to try next.


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