Be MKE: Companies that are hiring, a CBD bakery and we need to recycle better

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Milwaukee is the City of Champions right now. And the Milwaukee Brewers are on track for one of the team’s biggest seasons ever. You might want to start watching the games now so you don’t feel like a bandwagoner come October. Here’s how to watch.

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Let’s talk business

Generac has hired more than 1,500 people in the last 12 months. And the Waukesha company still has around 1,200 jobs open. Generac is at record-high employment. It’s like this at a lot of manufacturers and their suppliers. They just can’t get enough people in the door to keep up with demand. That means luring new employees with higher wages, signing bonuses and even pet insurance. Some companies say they could grow 50% if only they could find enough skilled workers. There are more than 119,000 openings on the Wisconsin Jobs Center website. Here are some local companies that are hiring.

Milwaukee Brewing Co. wants to be able to brew a whole lot more. The brewery filed for a zoning change with the City of Milwaukee that would let it brew four times as much. Milwaukee Brewing wants to up its yearly barrel limit to 200,000 barrels a year. Right now, it’s making around 35,000 barrels of beer, seltzer and other beverages. The plan doesn’t include expanding its new brewery on N. 9th Street or more O-Gii and Louie’s Demise. Milwaukee Brewing thinks it can score more business in contract brewing other people’s recipes. It just need the city OK to do so.

More than 600 wines have been developed by a Milwaukee company using customer feedback. Bright Cellars, a wine subscription service, has been collecting people’s opinions on wine for nearly a decade. They started using that data to make their own wines that data says people will like. “The top rated wine on our platform tastes and look unique — it has no equivalent in the market,” said CEO and Co-founder Richard Yau in a news release. “Every year since we’ve launched Bright Cellars, ratings on the platform have increased — leveraging the data we get from direct feedback is fueling a better wine experience for our members.” The company recently raised $11.2 million to expand its data platform.

What isn’t canceled

Summerfest. Here’s who’s playing the festival this weekend. Not enough people are talking about the Jesse McCartney show at 4:30 p.m. Friday IMHO.

A clothing-optional bike ride. The World Naked Bike Ride to promote “body positivity, cyclist awareness and energy independence” starts at Boone & Crockett at 11 a.m. Saturday.

Neighborhood party. Tosa Fest is at Hart Park Friday and Saturday.

Don’t go hangry

A CBD bakery is open downtown. Sweetly Baked is selling handmade macarons, ganache-filled chocolates, brownies, cookies and dog treats. It’s all infused with CBD. You can order online or pick up in person on the lower level of 770 N. Jefferson St.

Fresh pasta is coming to the 3rd Street Market Hall. Strega is joining the lineup at the food hall set to open Oct. 18. Strega will make fresh pastas, snacks and desserts. Strega is Italian for witch because cooking is magical.

The bar Dicks on N. Milwaukee St. is now Electric Lime Taqueria. Electric Lime has nine kinds of tacos, sandwiches and shareable snacks. Yeah, it’s not a bar bar anymore but there’s still booze. Think cocktails with house-made ingredients.

Here are the talkers

Recycle all the boxes from the junk you buy online and stop wasting food. The state Department of Natural Resources has been going through our trash. Not all of it had to go to the landfill. Paper (which can be recycled) was more than 21% of the trash they looked at. Food scraps (that could be composted) made up more than 30% of the trash. Here are ways to cut down on what you’re putting into the trash that ends up in a landfill.

Thousands of refugees from Afghanistan are in Wisconsin at Fort McCoy, which can house up to 13,000. The first of those refugees will likely leave the base this weekend. Nearly all the refugees are receiving the COVID-19 vaccine. So far, just one person had the fort had refused the vaccine. “Let me just say again as a representative of this area how proud I am of the entire community embracing these Afghan refugees at a time of need, stepping up with donations — unbelievable amount of donations from private citizens,” Rep. Ron Kind of La Crosse said. “We’re doing it well because we’re doing it the Wisconsin way.”

A Milwaukee alderman who is running for the U.S. Senate has been accused of embezzling funds. Milwaukee Ald. Chantia Lewis was charged with five criminal counts this week. The criminal complaint said she took more than $20,000 in campaign funds and false travel reimbursements from the city. Lewis said in a statement that she is “innocent of any criminal wrongdoing.” She was removed from all committee assignment duties in the Common Council.



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