CakeLove in a Jar

Do I eat it right from the jar?

Yep! And go ahead and save some for later if you don’t finish. The screw on cap is magical at keeping the cake and frosting moist. Keep it cold because the frosting is made with real cream cheese.

Where and how do you ship?

There’s no easy answer here so we appreciate your patience with all of the factors.

CakeLove is perishable. We ship with ice/cold packs. Product will arrive cold to cool.

Transit times vary, change constantly, and are out of our control. We are happy to provide shipping options for flexibility but please note transit longer than three days is NOT RECOMMENDED. All shipments begin at our bakery in Virginia. Below are suggested guidelines only.

Ground – select for most addresses in the eastern time zone, transit time is between one to three days.

2-day Air – select for shipments to all points in the central, mountain, Pacific time zones and Florida.

Overnight – recommended for all points in the Pacific time zone, especially May through September.

Shipments are to street addresses in the continental US only.

Shipments are made only on Monday and Tuesday in order to accomodate transit times and estimated arrivals BEFORE a weekend. We will review each order determine the safest shipping date based on its destination, but anything ordered after Noon on a Wednesday will be held until the following Monday.

What about allergens?

Unless specified, all flavors of CakeLove in a Jar contains dairy, eggs, wheat and is processed in a facility that processes tree nuts and peanuts. Some flavors contain soy (items with chocolate) and peanuts (Chocolate Peanut Butter).

What can I do with the jar when I’m done?

Please recycle the jars and lids. They are made of recyclable, BPA-free plastic, which we hope you will dispose of responsibly or wash and reuse. We strive to be environmentally-friendly and hope to switch to jars made from compostable materials in the future once they become more widely available.

Do I need to refrigerate it?

Yes, the product is perishable. It ships with cold packs that should be cold to cool upon arrival. Keep refrigerated if you don’t eat it right away. It’s a cream cheese based frostiong, so treat it like a cream cheese packet—never needs to be ice cold, but don’t leave it out for hours.


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