Flossie Teacakes

I’ve done a lot of undocumented dressmaking over the last two summers, and although I hadn’t been intending to post about those things retrospectively, this afternoon I was discussing the merits of Named Clothing’s Kielo Wrap Dress pattern with my friend Sally, and realised I didn’t want to leave this particular pattern unevangelised, so here we are.  It’s called a wrap dress, but it isn’t the kind of wrapping that risks full thigh-exposure if the wind blows the wrong way or you need to run for a bus – quite the opposite – it’s more like you’re a present that’s being wrapped with a double layer of fabric for extra security. The dress is a voluminous trapezoid shape (think bat wings) that you fold inwards, winding the ties around your waist as loosely or firmly as you feel inclined, or as your lunch dictates. The wings of material create something that looks both structural and flowing around the hips – it’s really lovely.  At the time I was fever


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