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BabyCakes Cupcakes is not your typical bakery and for that, we are very proud. All of our cupcakes and doggie treats are made fresh daily; we never freeze and NOTHING ever comes from a pre-mix or box. Our cupcakes, doggie cakes, icing and cocktail cakes are all made from scratch everyday in our shoppe, ensuring that you receive the freshest and best cupcake that we can provide. Due to this fact, we turn our ovens off at 3:00 p.m. Tuesday thru Friday and on Saturdays we do order pickups only. The reason for this is we do not want excess waste or the pain of having to throw our precious cupcakes away after closing if they don’t sell.

I felt the need to include this information because from time to time, our shoppe will sell out of cupcakes before we reach closing thru the week. We don’t want to inconvenience anyone or deny people their sugar fix, but I refuse to freeze anything or sell a substandard product. We do our best to bake as many cupcakes as humanly possible, but occasionally someone will come in toward the end of our day and completely wipe us out.

We hope that everyone understands and if you are concerned, please feel free to place an order with us at least 2 day’s ahead of time. We thank you all for supporting our little shoppe and we look forward to providing you with wonderful cupcakes for a very long time.

Peace & Love, – Tricia


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