Publican Quality Bread

Growth and cultivation are vital to any experience, the human one included. For us, it’s as important to grow our grains as it is to grow our relationships and our community. Our bread wouldn’t be possible without Marty and Will Travis of Spence Farm in Fairbury, IL, a connection we’ve fostered over more than five years. Each year, we collaborate with Marty and Will on the grains we’d like to use, as well as growing conditions for the year and our collective quality standards.

We choose varieties of heritage wheat, not for yield or ease of harvest as conventional farmers do, but for flavor, baking quality and soil health. Our bread starts, quite literally, from the ground up. As the Travis family sows the seeds of grain, our connection to them extends to a larger community, bringing together our farmers, our team and our partners from restaurants and retail locations across the city. Bread has always been a catalyst for shared experience, and it’s our goal to share that mentality with the chefs, restaurateurs and guests we’re lucky to work alongside each day.


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