Wenzels Homemade Cakes

Who Is Glenelg’s Oldest Bakery? Why its Wenzel’s Homemade Cakes of course! Established up the further end of Jetty Road in 1937 it was a family business, passed from parents to children before leaving the family name in 2011. A dark year and a half that was, losing inner touch with its roots and the those delicious recipes, Wenzel’s has once again found itself in new hands! But here comes the twist; this family is bringing back the Wenzel’s everyone loves and adores. Welcoming the Parker family to Jetty Road, with over 38 year of Baking and Business experience they plan to take this historical shop back to basics with their very own traditional home-baked cakes, pastries and awesome coffee!

With Father & Son baking non-stop and Mother & Daughters running the front, some of those older customers are in for some deja vu! Back to the times of family run business, its like having the Wenzel’s family back again; not to mention that great tasting food. Offering cheap prices, astounding birthday cakes, great quality buns & cakes, pastries and delicious coffee your bound to have a lasting experience which will leave you wanting more.

Following this blog page or our Facebook page (link found at bottom of post) we’ll keep you up to date with all the newest additions to the menu, occasional recipes and much more.

So what you waiting for? Head on in and say good-day to the Parker family and enjoy some good old-fashion customer service, and quality food! 

Fun Fact: In celebration for one of Wenzel’s birthdays the family decided to come up with a creative tagline, however being unable to make ‘Tasting Great Since ’37’ rhyme, they decided to go with ’38. So in actual fact the shops tagline is a year after Wenzel’s was actually established.

 Location: 166 Jetty Road, Glenelg, South Australia 5045

Monday to Saturday 7am to 5pm  Sunday 8am to 3pm

Contact: (08) 8295 2305



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